Creative Director
Alvin Lee
#Ego #Perception #Identity #Ontology #Relation #between
Artist’ note
My artistic direction revolves around delving into the human psyche, focusing on self, identity, and the relationships with others. I particularly pay attention to the "gaps" that emerge in perception and cognition. In the context of relationships with others, the term "others" encompasses both the "self" and "another self," defining the relationship between "self" and other individuals. I utilize themes such as self-awareness, psychology, cognition, and relationships as materials to express thematic consciousness. With a career spanning across both performing arts and visual arts, I express myself through various mediums including media performances, video art, media facade, and installations. Having specialized in media arts with a foundation in cognitive psychology, visual literacy, and media phenomenology during my Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program, I am currently focusing on interaction in my Ph.D. studies in Video Engineering. By integrating technologies that allow for interaction to manifest the inner workings of humanity, I research and advance phenomena arising from communication between artwork and audience, thus continually developing my creative endeavors.